I will review it when I’ll have the time!

I will review it when I’ll have the time!

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Yousuke Watanabe - Momo

New e.p. from Yousuke Watanabe!
Four songs and 20 minutes of music with his beautiful piano.
Love is the theme of the concept e.p. amazing work Yousuke!


1. Momo
2. Chapter II
3. March #12
4. L.F.O.

Music: 8
Artwork: 8
Titles: 6.5

[SONG] Barclay & Ichinose - Low Level, Monday Afternoon

Released in 2013 Low Level, Monday Afternoon is an experimental song by the italian duo Barclay & Ichinose.
An amazing mix of different genres and a lot of craziness.
You may consider it as a little psychedelic/progressive suite.

Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5ysvf9

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Post-Rock In The New Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal?

Well probably no, but the preview is really good.
Looking for Shadow Moses.